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Build custom workflows between your business apps and Workbot.

Workbot is a bot platform by Workato that you can use to fully customize workflows, build ChatOps, and send custom, actionable notifications - without having to write a single line of code! In order to use this app, a Workato account is required.

*Apps include*: Workday, Salesforce, Servicenow, Netsuite, Jira, Okta and 1000+ more! For more info, visit

*What Workbot can do*

Deal Desk

When a Deal desk request is created in Salesforce, the request can also be sent to a specific channel or sent as a direct message. When clicking the Approve or Reject buttons, Workbot will authenticate the user to ensure that he/she has sufficient privileges to administer that action.

IT Request Approvals

Quickly and easily request for equipment via ServiceNow from Teams. The designated approver can also view the buyer history of the requester before approving or rejecting the request, and the requester will receive a message regarding the outcome.

Order Fulfillment Approvals

When a purchase is made that needs to be fulfilled, like an eCommerce purchase, it often requires some form of approval. These can be routed to Teams for a fast response. The fulfillment process can even be kickstarted automatically.

Vacation / Expense Approvals

Going on a vacation or need to file for an expense report? Quickly request the approval from your manager within Teams. All the information will be updated in your HR and Finance apps, like Workday and Expensify.

Security Ops

Handle all your security operations from Teams. You can connect Okta to Workbot to receive notifications for any suspicious activity like a login from an unusual location, and act on it right from Teams. You can even perform actions such as viewing recent logins and provisioning/deprovisioning accounts.

Automated ITOps Follow-up

Automatically assign a Jira or GitHub issue to someone when critical issues arise from a monitoring tool. Workbot can notify everyone in the appropriate channel when an issue is assigned or updated.

Smart, Actionable Alerts from DevOps

Instead of receiving a firehose of alerts, you can define various thresholds, monitor velocity of alerts and then based on those settings, Workbot will post alerts to the relevant channel or user on Teams.

To get started, install the bot and connect your apps. More at:

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