Konnect eMail Parser

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Automatically capture email attributes as metadata.

Konnect eMail enables seamless Email Management on SharePoint. It automatically captures valuable email attributes and adds it as document metadata. This helps with effective classification and enhanced searching of emails on SharePoint.

Konnect eMail Parser also enables the user to manage email conversations (email chain/thread) and prevent duplication with its conversation tracking feature.

Konnect eMail Parser key features:

1. Email metadata automatically captured every time an email is added to SharePoint

2. Organise email threads in SharePoint just like in Outlook client.

3. Remove duplication and prevent overwriting newer email with an earlier version of the same email chain.

4. Completely Automated/No user training required

Konnect eMail is developed keeping ease of use at its core. We believe an elegant and simplistic tool will enable users to save emails and organisations to meet email management requirements a breeze which is otherwise a cumbersome and daunting task.

Konnect eMail services clients across 4 continents in the Government, Finance, Legal, Logistics, Manufacturing and Technology sectors.

Try the Drag & Drop Outlook Add-In along with Konnect eMail Parser for a complete email management solution. To learn more please visit our site

Konnect eMail Parser is free to try for 7 days. After the trial period has expired, a paid subscription will be required to continue using the solution. Please contact us at or visit

For technical support, refer to the FAQ section on our website or submit a support request here

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