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Receive important news from your Microsoft tenant.

Cloud Hub is a business application that provides data from your Microsoft tenant, the Message Center and the Incident Center, and the Azure Status and Azure History Page.

It enables users to keep track of upcoming changes, including new features, scheduled maintenance, and other important announcements from the Microsoft Message Center. The app is currently supported in English and free of charge.

With Cloud Hub, you can achieve a unified user experience in your Microsoft Teams environment, view all Microsoft messages in a table format, and access this data securely and quickly. You can also use the Cloud Hub app on your mobile device to view the Message Center. This is a great way to keep up to date with push notifications.

Anyone in Microsoft Teams can access the app. The administrator must provide consent once before the app can display data.

Get an insight look with the new and free Cloud Hub demo version:

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To get more insights from your tenant, check out the Cloud Hub Pro version at

Funcionalidades do aplicativo

Quando esse aplicativo é usado, ele
  • Pode enviar dados pela Internet
  • Esse aplicativo pode acessar informações pessoais na mensagem ativa, como números de telefone, endereços postais ou URLs. O aplicativo pode enviar esses dados para um serviço de terceiros. Outros itens em sua caixa de correio não podem ser lidos ou modificados.

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