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AQL’s Quick Links webpart to easily navigate to required links.

Create shortcuts to let your intranet users navigate to promoted content relevant to your organization. Let your organization intranet be the one stop destination for viewing and extracting required information from various applications, department sites, portals, policy documents, and more. Make the most out of your intranet real estate to post some important and relevant links for your employees and other intranet users.

With a quick link webpart on your organization, your intranet users can get access to the following type of content:

• Important information used or shared frequently among stakeholders.

• Relevant tools and applications to help employees and boost their productivity.

• Links frequently navigated to or accessed.

• Important policy documents from various departments and teams.

• Personal or project-related forms like insurance forms, invoice forms, feedback forms, and more.

Get the following features with AQL’s Quick Links Webparts

1. Let users configure this webpart to add their own personalized links.

2. Customize the look and feel through different layout options.

3. Store images and links in SharePoint lists and libraries.

4. Control sorting of links on the page either by default or in alphabetical order.

5. Assign admins to manage given links on your organization intranet.

6. Control display of corresponding images for each link.

7. Monitor and analyze clicks and views on each link.


1. Simple and user-friendly property pane for configuring webpart lists and defining permissions.

2. Make managing quick links and personal links easier with intelligent keyword search.


1. Added search option to make managing quick links and personal links easier.

2. Added category facility option with target audience category in Quick links.

3. Added option to display category by tabs, Accordion or None.

4. Changed layout 9 with new design both with and without image.

5. Added Pagination feature for links.


1. Added support section under property pane.

2. User can able to download user manual from property pane.


1. Added description option to the layout 5.

2. Added description option to the layout 10.

3. Description cab be enabled by using property pane.


1. 3 New Layouts(layout 11,12,13) added, this layouts supports the description with title.

2. Fixed bugs.


1. Enable/disable custom personal links from property pane.

2. Added organization links tab in manage quick links tab.

3. Select organization links in personal links popup modal.


1. Chronological order of Organizational links in dropdown.

Webpart Subscription Details:

Download the Quick Links webpart as a free trial version for 30 days. After 30 days, you can purchase the webpart at Also, get 1-year or 2-year support plans at reasonable prices along with the web part.

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