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Master your meetings with an agenda templating tool, track actions & produce professional minutes.

Quickest way to collaborate on Meeting Agendas and Minutes

Streamline your workflows with our easy-to-use app, designed to help you create and collaborate on meeting agendas and notes, assign actions, and share with your team - all within your Microsoft Teams environment. Boost productivity and never miss a beat during your meetings. Try QuickMinutes today

How it works

  • Create and attach agendas to pre-existing events in your outlook calendar.
  • Record and structure the outputs and actions from each agenda topic.
  • Set timelines for actions to ensure your actions get completed.
  • Share meeting outcomes with meeting stakeholders.
  • Review meeting outcomes at the beginning of your next meeting.


Agenda Templates; One click agendas with your favorite agenda templates will make it super simple to conduct a structured and objective meeting for you and your team.

Meeting Minutes; Professional meeting minutes can be produced with minimal efforts and are automatically the first agenda item of your next meeting ensuring meeting continuity.

Action Tracking; Meeting participants are skillfully prompted to complete their actions before the next meeting to ensure your meeting doesn’t turn into a talking shop.

Cross Platform; Manage your meetings with ease across all platforms and devices.

Benefits of QuickMinutes with Microsoft Teams

  • Stay in context.
  • Get notified of upcoming agenda items to facilitate a productive meeting.
  • Assign actions to teammates and keep a track of their progress.

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