Salesforce Contracts Connector for Word


Bring the power of Microsoft 365 Word to Salesforce Contracts.


Easy to use, full-featured integration between Microsoft 365 Word and Salesforce Contracts.

The Salesforce Contracts Connector for Word add-in is a quick and efficient way to design and maintain document templates and also, create, and edit contract documents using the Word features in Microsoft 365. Directly access the Microsoft 365 editor from the template designer and contract documents in Salesforce. Search and insert content from Salesforce into your contract document or document template while editing the document in the editor. For example, insert document clauses from the Clause Library. After designing a document template or creating a contract document, you can save/check in the changes back to Salesforce. The add-in has the familiar look and feel of the Salesforce Lightning Experience.

Features available on the Microsoft 365 editor are dependent on Azure account user access and persona.

Add-in Benefits for Document Template Designing and Contract Document Authoring:

1. Seamless interaction with Salesforce.

2. Reduce the time taken to design and author documents.

3. Look and feel of working within Salesforce.

4. Use the power of Microsoft 365 Word features to format the content.

5. Read, edit, and delete content in document templates and contract documents.

6. Check spelling, grammar, capitalization, and punctuation in the .docx documents.

7. Create, edit, and maintain documents in Microsoft 365 editor.

8. Document Clauses and Document Clause Sets:

a. Access the clause library.

b. Directly search and browse for clauses and clause sets.

c. Preview clause content before inserting it within a document.

d. Quickly add, edit, delete, and replace clauses while designing and authoring

documents without opening the Salesforce

e. Clause library in another window.

f. View clauses associated with a contract document in a pane within the editor.

g. Drag to change the sequence of document clauses.

h. Add the same clause multiple times within a document and take action on individual


i. Insert clauses anywhere within a document.

9. Save or check in the document changes back to Salesforce.

Additional Notes:

1. Only document editing is handled within the add-in.

2. Salesforce is the single source of truth for contract documents and document templates.

3. Go to the Supported Browsers and Devices for Salesforce Contracts Connector for Word

help topic to view the supported devices and Microsoft Windows software combinations.


1. The customer has procured Office 365 licenses.

2. Applicable Salesforce licenses for accessing Salesforce data.

3. Clauses are created in Salesforce Clause Library.

Add-in capabilities include:

1. Integrated editing experience while accessing Salesforce data for authorized users.

2. Quick access to the Salesforce Clause Library for authorized users.

3. Sync changes made in the Microsoft 365 editor instantly back to Salesforce.

4. Unified view of all the clauses within a document in a single pane.

5. Utilization of Microsoft 365 Word features to format documents.

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