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capito helps you to write texts that are easy to understand

capito checks how comprehensible your texts are and automatically simplifies them for you. You receive simplification tips, suggestions for improvement, and word explanations in easy language. In addition, you can automatically simplify your text into 3 easy-to-understand language levels with just a few clicks.

From now on, there are no more excuses for complicated texts. capito supports you wherever you write. Every email, every post, and every text will be understandable!

➤ Functions:

- Choose between 3 easy-to-understand language levels: A1, A2 and B1

- Simplify your texts automatically with the help of artificial intelligence

- Analyze the comprehensibility of your text

- Receive simplification tips and suggestions for improvement

- Get explanations for difficult technical terms and proper names

- Use the gender function to write in a gender-neutral way

➤ How it works:

1. click on "Add" to install the extension in Microsoft Word.

2. click on the capito icon in the "Start" tab. All your installed browser extensions are located there.

3. the add-in appears on the right. Click on the red "Log in" button.

4. a window opens with the capito login screen. Click on "Register here" to create an account. If you already have an account, use your existing login details to log in.

5. you can now use the capito Word add-in. Click on the text paragraph you want to analyze.

6. capito automatically checks what you are writing.

➤ With the add-in, you can make your texts understandable in just a few seconds. You decide which language level you want to write for:

- A1 (very easy language)

- A2 (easy language)

- B1 (simple language)

➤ To use the add-in, you need to log in to capito with your access data. Take out a subscription to be able to use all functions.

The following options are available:

- Free (€0.00 per month): Sign up and use the add-in for free. You will receive 50,000 characters for text analysis and 9,000 characters for automatic simplification.

- Starter (€9.99 excl. VAT per month): Get unlimited characters per month for analysis and 18,000 characters for automatic simplification. 18,000 characters correspond to 10 standard pages.

- Advanced (€24.99 excl. VAT per month): Receive unlimited characters per month for analysis and 54,000 characters for automatic simplification. 54,000 characters correspond to 30 standard pages.

- Professional (€49.99 excl. VAT per month): Receive unlimited characters per month for analysis and 126,000 characters for automatic simplification. 126,000 characters correspond to 70 standard pages.

- Credit (€24.99 excl. VAT): Buy 1,000,000 characters for analysis and 36,000 characters for automatic simplification. 36,000 characters correspond to 20 standard pages.

capito does not read your data by default and only sends your texts to via an encrypted connection.

If you have any questions or bug reports, please contact us here: You can also access the help section in the add-in.

After installing this extension, you must create an account in order to use the extension. By doing so, you confirm that you have read and accept the General Terms and Conditions ( and the Privacy Policy ( of capito.

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