Formula Analyzer - AnalystHive

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Helps you to analyze and understand complex formula references in Excel.

Enhance your Excel experience with Formula Analyzer!

Seamlessly navigate complex formulas, understand references, and gain insights into your spreadsheet data effortlessly.


  • Navigate Formula References: Easily explore and comprehend complex Excel formulas by visualizing their references and dependencies.
  • References Drill Down: Dive deeper into formula references to uncover underlying data relationships and connections.
  • Custom Naming: Gain clarity with customized names for references based on line or column identifiers, values or address, offering a clearer understanding of your data structure.
  • Cell Preview: See references in the Excel sheet without leaving the formula analysis. Click on the preview button to jump and highlight the reference. TIP: Hold down ctrl and click on a reference to preview it!
  • Cell coloring: Color references with colors to understand their placement in Excel. NOTE: Displayed colors will be saved if document is saved!

  • Unlock the potential of your Excel spreadsheets!

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