graphomate matrix


Meaningful Table With In-Cell Charts

Advantages of graphomate matrix at a glance:

- table design according to IBCS

- display of hierarchies in rows and columns

- clear presentation thanks to in-cell charts

- flexible and conditional formatting for each column, row or single cell

- performant display

- calculation of variances: percentage and absolute

The graphomate matrix is our new table component for Power BI, Microsoft Office, Tableau and SAP Analytics. Because tables are omnipresent, no report can do without them. Microsoft Excel is still the number crunchers' favorite tool. The disappointment is all the greater after working with standard table components in BI front ends for the first time. But with the graphomate matrix you get unlimited conditional formatting options for each cell, row or column and data driven in-cell charts. And that with high performance!

Using our own formatting language - the Cell Formatting Language (CFL), which is based on JavaScript - you get complete freedom over the appearance of the graphomate matrix. You want to highlight single cells depending on their value? Highlight totals rows? Use a table as a heatmap? The height of the values of the individual table cells should determine the font size used in the table cell? The graphomate matrix implements all your requirements for a meaningful table design!

Our matrix supports IBCS rules for meaningful tables like deviations as bar or needle charts, column scenarios and background bar charts. In addition, it enables both hierarchical and tabular (CrossTab) views, hierarchies can also be used in the columns and additional columns with their own calculations can be added - for example, for variance calculation.

The graphomate matrix for Power BI is free to use and contains all available features. In Power BI Desktop it can be used without restrictions. In the Power BI Online service it additionally shows a watermark. To use the matrix online without a watermark, feel free to ask us for time-limited demo versions or purchase subscription licenses. For more information, please visit our website.

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