Waterfall - What's driving my variation?

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This smart "Waterfall" analyses KPIs variation with Mix effect, gap analysis, dimension scoring...

Discover the WHY behind your data with Datama for Power BI

Are you spending countless hours sifting through data to understand performance variations? With Datama, reduce the time spent on performance variation analysis by up to four times, transforming this challenge into an opportunity by unlocking powerful insights from your key performance indicators.

Rapidly discover the drivers of change:

Our tool excels in quick and intelligent root cause analysis, scoring, and highlighting the most impactful drivers for your business. This enables you to make data-driven decisions with greater effectiveness.

Intelligent, focused Analysis:

  • Deep dive into performance with Waterfall & Tree analysis: Our dynamic waterfall charts and performance trees allow for an in-depth examination of your data, offering clear insights into the factors influencing KPI fluctuations.
  • Smart scoring engine: Automatically pinpoints key elements influencing your performance. Spend less time searching for answers and more time acting on them.
  • Clear understanding of mix effects: Easily comprehend how mix effects influence your performance metrics, enabling you to make knowledgeable adjustments.

Interact and customize your analysis:

  • Engaging interactive charts: Explore your data with intuitive navigation and deep-dive capabilities.
  • Personalized dashboards: Adjust visual elements to match your style and preferences, making analysis not just powerful, but also a pleasure.

Tailored solutions across industries:

  • Sales & Retail: Instantly see how pricing and product mix adjustments impact revenue.
  • Web Analytics: Effortlessly track key changes in your online conversion funnel.
  • Media & Acquisition: Understand the effectiveness of your campaigns at a glance.
  • Finance: Quickly identify factors affecting revenue and financial performance.

Accessible to All, enhanced for experts:

  • Free Version: Start with basic access to experience the power of Datama with only 2 metrics and 2 dimensions.
  • Premium Version: Unlock advanced features for deeper and more customized analysis.

Transform your data analysis experience: Ready to stop searching and start understanding? Visit and unlock the full potential of your data with Datama for Power BI.

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