HarePoint Analytics for SharePoint

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Advanced SharePoint Online usage analytics and reporting solution

Gain complete adoption insights and usage analytics to drive your business productivity and optimize users’ engagement with HarePoint Analytics for SharePoint Online. This Power BI-based product allows you to collect, visualize and analyze usage data, create, and share analytical reports easily and efficiently. HarePoint Analytics provides ready-to-use dashboards and customizable reports; advanced data filtering, sorting, and grouping; a quick and easy two-click deployment.

The proven solution brings the complete details about:

  • Users: who access your sites and what they do there
  • Content: document popularity, library usage, outdated data, history, and trends
  • Sites: performance, speed, troublesome drill-through

HarePoint Analytics for SharePoint Online is the basis for the data-driven decision making and management of your SharePoint Online environment.

Meet the key-benefits of the product:

  • deep integration with Power BI gives a comprehensive and visually appealing look to all the reports and analytics data
  • excellent flexibility in working with reports with a minimal learning curve thanks to the clean and intuitive Power BI interface
  • ready-to-use dashboards and reports to start data analysis immediately as well as customized managed dashboards and reports that cover your specified needs
  • easy deployment, the highest security level; no special training for your staff

Start the product demo by installing the app or get free trial to evaluate how it works with your data.

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