X-HIS® Health Data & Interoperability Platform

por 7 Medical Systems, LLC

Actionable intelligence and automated workflows for patient engagement and care team collaboration.

X-HIS Health Data & Interoperability Platform

The X-HIS® health data platform is a flexible and scalable solution empowering any healthcare organization to automate and improve clinical, financial and operational outcomes. X-HIS has the most extensive library of standardized and customizable structured data objects, designed specifically for the complex healthcare industry. Leveraging Microsoft Azure, Dynamics 365 and Power Platform, X-HIS empowers healthcare organizations with the data intelligence to achieve strategic growth initiatives, improve operational effectiveness, and minimize total cost of ownership while providing the highest quality of care.

Health Data Interoperability

Combining data from disparate sources into one health data repository facilitates a comprehensive view of clinical, financial and operational insights that enable smart business decisions. The X-Connect integration engine gives you the ability to incorporate data using industry standards (any protocol, any data format) built for scale and operational efficiency.

Data Analytics & Actionable Intelligence

  • Quickly segment, monitor and analyze data to communicate meaningful clinical, financial and operational information
  • Once clinical, financial and operational data are aggregated and normalized, the data can be used in various ways to coordinate care across the continuum, engage patients, and facilitate care team collaboration for improved clinical outcomes
  • Optimized financial and operational outcomes are also possible once all the data is available in one central repository

Automated Patient Engagement

  • Automated identification and engagement of patient populations
  • Coordination and integration with organizational patient communication/engagement channel
  • Secure messaging between patients/care providers/care managers
  • Automated Omnichannel patient outreach tool set (phone, email, SMS, social media, etc.)
  • Tracking of outreach efforts, including event tracking and management of closed-loop communication

Care Team Collaboration

  • Supports single sign-on integration
  • Ability for a care provider working in the population health tool to efficiently take action in the EMR
  • Presentation of care gaps to providers within the provider (EMR) workflow
  • Timely integration of population health data and alerts to be displayed within the EMR workflow and stored within the EMR
  • API-based (FHIR or other API) integration to EMR or other systems

Futureproof your investment with integration to Microsoft 365

X-HIS was engineered specifically to take advantage of Microsoft Azure, Office 365, Dynamics 365 and Power Platform. Futureproof your solutions by leveraging X-HIS, allowing for strategic ingestion or extension of legacy applications.

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