Ainavio AI Product Data Annotation

por Ainavio GmbH

Advanced platform for complex data annotations for e-commerce product data.

Our Ainavio Foundation Cloud is tailored for e-commerce and retail companies, focusing exclusively on AI-enabled product data annotation and administration. Efficient labeling of unstructured product data is crucial for the success of digital data management teams in the retail and e-commerce industry. Data annotation can be a costly and error-prone process, consuming a significant portion of digital data management team resources.

By streamlining this task, you can redirect your efforts toward strategic initiatives and increase the likelihood of achieving better sales results. Our comprehensive approach simplifies the industrialization of the labeling process, making it easier to transition from manual product management to a fully automated product management process.

Our tailored solution comprises three key components:

  1. Product Information Management (PIM) & Annotation Platform: We offer an intuitive product data management interface with robust quality control for product data and images. This platform is available as a SaaS solution and can be seamlessly integrated into all existing IT landscapes.

  2. AI Automation Service: Our scalable AI annotation workflows possess the necessary expertise in e-commerce and retail domains to annotate and enhance your product data in minutes.

  3. Multi-Channel Management: With the ability to connect to your input and output channels, the Ainavio Foundation platform easily aggregates, composes, and distributes all relevant data sets needed for a comprehensive product experience.

Benefits for Your E-commerce and Retail Business:

  • Streamlined labeling process (up to 99% automation)
  • Increased business productivity (up to 55%)
  • High-quality, cost-efficient automated annotation services
  • Unlock value for each sales channel and customize product data specificity accordingly

Our experts are well-prepared to assist you in integrating Ainavio Foundation into your existing IT landscape. With a track record of serving numerous customers in the e-commerce and retail industry, we're well-equipped to meet your specific needs. Interested? Please get in touch with us!

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