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Improve Margins with the Most Trusted Production Planning Software

Aspen PIMS-AO is a scalable planning system that helps companies optimize feedstock selection, product slate, plant design, and operational execution. Learn how the how Aspen PIMS family can enable you to make fast, accurate, and profitable decisions about plant operations and much more. Improve responsiveness and agility with the most trusted production planning software running more scenarios faster with Microsoft Azure. Optimize feedstock, products, and production plans in your refineries and olefins plants faster and with higher accuracy. 
Leverage Artificial Intelligence 
Leverage AI to learn from historical plans and verify your plan results. Use reduced order hybrid models to improve planning model accuracy.
Cloud-Enabled Scenario Analysis
Reduce uncertainty and business risk using advanced optimization tools such as parametric analysis to streamline and automate scenario analysis, enabled by high-performance computing.
Powerful Proprietary Solver
Prevent false positives with the specialized nonlinear solver developed and tuned to handle the demands of refinery and petrochemical LP models.
NEW Chevron Assay Database Now Available
Assays are a critical input for refinery planning models. AspenTech’s partner Equinox Software and Services Pvt. Ltd. now offers Chevron’s comprehensive database for Aspen Assay Manager, including over 1000 crudes, 2800 assays, and 60 properties.
Optimize feedstock, products, and production plans in your refineries faster and with higher accuracy.

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