ACtive Service Desk

por AUTOCONT a.s.

With ACtive Service Desk, provide top-level service with supervised SLAs.

Improve your business with ACTIVE Service Desk and maximize productivity and effectivity!

Adjust to every customer individually and fulfill their requirements faster than ever. Save your technicians time and help them increase their productivity. Take control over the whole end-to-end service support life cycle with our solution.

Communication with your customers or other service desks can be easily configured, including notification manager. E-response ensures the reading of data from structured emails and copying this data into records in the system.

ACtive Service Desk is an extremly usefull tool for your service technicians. No need for difficult processes, just scan the service protocol, ask the customer for a digital signature and upload it to the system. 

More detail can be obtained through portal communication between customers and your support team.

Use predefined set of business processes connected with business process flow dynamically for a specific part of your company or just for a specific agreement. This will help you to manage your company and your customers individually.  Coverage of most of the ITIL processes improves overal standardization.

This application is available in English and Czech.

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