Digital Twin (IAPM)

por Bosch

Digital Twin identifies bottle necks and remove limitations for customers

Digital Twin (Integrated Asset Performance Management) is a dynamic software model of a physical asset or process that relies on sensor and instrumentation data to understand its state, respond to changes, predict outcomes, improve operations and aid judgements for business decisions. It is a cyber-physical system that involves modeling industrial assets with all their geometrical data, kinematic functionality and logical behavior permitting business operations to be simulated, controlled and improved.
A Digital Twin brings all the experts together on a collaborative platform, enabling helpful analyses, diagnostics and prognostics. This facilitates a seamless interconnect of everything and everyone by on-boarding them on a comprehensive communication network called the Digital Highway. It creates an ecosystem for harvesting actionable information specifically tailored to drive identified competitive, operational or business advantage.
Key traits of Digital Twin:
  • Tailor made, organization driven, modular digital transformation solution
  • Cyber-physical system built on sensors, software and services framework
  • Has four layers: Connect - Collect - Consume - Cognition
  • AI-powered Integrated Asset Performance Management that relies on natural intelligence and first principles
  • Digital prediction machine that generates physics, engineering and business insights
  • Enhanced by virtual sensors and 3D interactive, immersive environment
  • Set of evolving digital engineering models built to address specific business problems
  • Digital tool to transform traditional workforce into a interdisciplinary digital workforce
  • Collaborative digital solution enabling the C-suite to drive business outcomes 
  • "This application is available in English and German language".

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