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PRO(a)ACT - intelligent spend analysis. We transform your spend data into actionable insights!

We transform your spend data into actionable insights using advanced analytics together with credit- and market information. We clean, refine and categorize your costs automatically and give you time to analyze instead of administrating. With one click, you can explore your data in insightful dashboards and reports that makes it easy to find answers.

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PRO(a)ACT relieves you from administration so you can focus on analysis. Get a clear overview of the organization's external costs, follow up on goals, simulate new goals and take advantage of trend analyzes, tailor made reports are available. In addition, there is the possibility of being able to connect to the analysis model and build their own analyzes in any analysis tool.

Automated categorization
Using third party sources and machine learning, we automatically clean, normalize and categorize your data. We also enrich your data with key financial ratios, addresses, ownership structure and much more.

True self-service
In addition to a variety of interactive standard reports, we can also customize reports to you. You can build your own Power BI reports as well as directly connect to Excel, with Pivot table or Power Pivot, against the system using OLAP cube for full access to your data.

Simple administration
PRO(a)ACT is built to enable you to administer the service and gain full control over it without having to contact IT specialists for, for example, uploading new content or managing permissions.

Cloud service
PRO(a)ACT powered by Microsoft Azure to benefit from world class stability and security where all data is encrypted. Because it's a cloud service, you do not need to think about hardware and maintenance.

Advanced analytics
We use algorithms to analyze and transform your data into insights. With the help of Azure Machine Learning and R/Python we uncover deeper insight and predict forward with advanced analytics.

Any device
Since PRO(a)ACT is a cloud service, users are not restricted to a specific platform. The service is working for both mobile devices and tablets. We also offer APIs if you want to integrate with any other system.

Get an overview and insight with reports for:

  • Cost overview
  • Category analysis
  • Supplier analysis
  • Contract compliance
  • Risk analysis
  • Pareto analysis

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