Sustainability 2.0

por Celebal Technologies Private Limited

Accelerate Sustainability & Business Growth - Achieve Carbon Net-Zero, Predictive Maintenance, Asset

Sustainability-driven solution from Celebal Technologies is designed to help you drive value from your business while achieving your sustainability goals. Built on the modern-world technologies like Azure Digital Twin, IIoT, Machine Learning, and Extended Reality, the framework offers stunning advances in data and analytics for remote monitoring, forecasting, predictive maintenance, and reducing carbon emissions. The core capabilities of the Net-Zero solution includes:

Ø Operations Management: Monitor and analyze end-products to gain insights on low-performing products.

Ø Product Development: Test feasibility of upcoming products before launching.​

Ø Design Customization: Design various permutations of the product to offer personalized products and services to customers.​​​

Sustainability 2.0 solution from Celebal Technologies cuts the overall cost by 45%, reduces time by 65%, improves ROI by 2X, decreases carbon footprint by 50%, and offers 95% forecasting accuracy.

Key Features:

  • Flexibility & Ease of Viewing Data Output
  • Live Tracking of Component’s Health
  • Forecasting and Scheduling
  • Reliable Loss Analysis
  • Better Control on On-Site Activities
  • Monitoring Periodic Maintenance Actions
  • Internal Grid Health And Up-Time
  • Spares Inventory Optimization

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