Tangles - Web Intelligence solution

Cobwebs Technologies

Gather fast and comprehensive Open Source Intelligence using Tangles. AI-Powered investigation tool.

Cobwebs’ leading and innovative systems, service the national security, law enforcement and private sectors, identifying web relations, criminal activities and terrorist threats with just one click. We work with clients from all corners of the world with diverse needs and goals, assisting them with investigations and analysis of targeted data. Our range of products offer everything from a supportive starting point for targeted web data search, to extraction of vital intelligent insights, and all the way to monitoring and providing alerts of relevant events in real time. With our multifaceted approach to completing investigations, our technologies employ passive and active systems to cope with today’s complex hurdles and evolving challenges. Our exclusive AI technology extracts targeted intelligence from the web’s big data using the latest machine learning algorithms, automatically generating intelligent insights from various languages.

Cobwebs Technologies partnered with Microsoft to provide the best cloud-based solutions on the market, guaranteeing fast and secure deployment with easy scalability for growing teams and other requirements. Law enforcement leaders agree that the ability to effectively collect and manage vital information, and then collaborate using the data is critical for effective crime fighting. Combining Microsoft technology with operational knowledge and the best AI-Powered Web Intelligence system on the market provides urban, regional, state, and national law enforcement agencies the ability to transform the delivery of public safety services.

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