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Ciao is a cloud-based UCaaS - text, telephony, team collaboration and video conferencing.

This application is available only in Korean Simple but essential for teamwork

Rich and powerful call experience

Ciao enhanced your call quality using Full-band to enable you to feel the vividness and subtleties in delivering, so it will be like you are sitting right next to each other.

Empowering your teamwork with call features

Not only making voice or video calls, you can also share your screen right from your Ciao web or desktop apps. And Ciao even provides virtual phone numbers for outbound calling(PSTN).

Continuous teamwork with Ciao

1:1 and group chats make easier to team up and we provide setting notifications, sharing files and tracking the read status. Easy to use but still great at connecting people.

Stay in sync

You can sign in to multiple devices with one Ciao account and we keep you stay focused on your team. Don’t fall behind with your team. Ciao has you covered wherever you go.

Ciao Admin to manage your team

Ciao offers an easy-to-use Admin, where you can create an organization chart, manage team members, access dashboard to see usage reports and manage numbers for PSTN.

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