DRVR Fleet Management Platform

por Driver Design Studio Pty Ltd

Looking for a complete fleet management solution that will make your operations more efficient?

Our in-house developed next generation telematics platform fully takes advantage of big data analytics. The DRVR back-end utilizes learning algorithms and artificial intelligence that keeps our platform and our customers one step ahead of the competition. 

DRVR platform comprises a variety of services that make fleet management easier and more efficient than ever before. It includes a DRVR manager portal where our customers manage their fleets; advanced GPS tracking and fleet management tools; comprehensive reporting suite; the best development team in the region rolling out new features on a regular basis; face to face training and local support. 

Our platform also utilizes gamification, which enables natural human motivations. It is important for everyone to enjoy using their fleet management system, instead of making it an unpleasant, additional chore. The DRVR front-end UI has been developed in Bangkok with the Asian market in mind. At a glance, drivers see their goals, and get feedback and a comprehensive scoring of their performance.  

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