Geospatial GenAI

por EY Global

Infuse Earth observation data into your business insights

Solution overview

The Geospatial Generative AI (GenAI ) solution is designed to support diverse use cases, aiding in tasks ranging from vegetation management and crop surveillance, to shoreline evaluations, site selection, and monitoring critical infrastructure. Built on Microsoft technology and tailored to fit the specific requirements of businesses, the Geospatial GenAI solution incorporates several features aimed at streamlining the handling and analysis of geospatial data.

•Data integration capability: Facilitates seamless data integration from a diverse range of sources, including satellite imagery, enterprise data, and sensors, thereby empowering you with a 360-degree view
•Geospatial GenAI enablement: Incorporates geographic context into your data and introduces an extra insight dimension, enabling the visualization and comprehensive analysis of complex patterns and trends
Superior user experience: Enhances user experience with a GenAI feature which unravels actionable insights from labyrinthine data through

Solution benefits

The Geospatial GenAI solution offers the following key benefits:

•Supply chain: Assess risk levels to ensure resource availability in high-risk points during high-risk periods.
•Business optimization: Maximize business value by identifying opportunities and anticipating issues, mitigating before they occur.
•Forecast accuracy: Assess quality and accuracy of forecasts through comparison of outcomes against prediction.

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