SAP HANA as a Service on Azure


GlassHouse SAP HANA as a Service on Azure offering.

What is «SAP HANA as a Service»?
Service includes SAP HANA based system setup for your Development, Quality, Production, Production HA/DR and Managed Services for SAP Systems including Backup & DR solutions. At any size from 128GB to 20TB.

Value Proposition for SAP Customers
- SAP HANA growth control
- Increased uptime
- Reducing costs while growing
- Rapid deployment

How we achieve values?
- You can deploy SAP HANA systems from 128GB to 20TB on Azure.
- Leverage Azure Automation to reduce your TCO.
- Deploy an SAP HANA system in 15 minutes.

Impacts for SAP Customers
- 27% of customers say ROI in 12-18 months
- 99.5% uptime in the cloud
- Short project timelines.
- Managed growth in time. 
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