HCLTech AI-Infused Analytics Solution (ADvantage Analytics)

por HCL Technologies Limited.

HCLTech AI-Infused Analytics Solution

HCLTech's AI-Infused Analytics Solution is a multi-dimensional solution to engage users, processes and technology for analytics advancement and adoption. It’s built on a technology-agnostic platform, seamlessly integrates with Azure data services, providing a robust foundation for AI-infused analytics.

The solution facilitates real-time content search and simplify data consumption for insightful decision-making which allows enterprises to unlock fresh potential in data-driven business strategies and significantly improve customer experiences. With features like intelligent search, actionable recommendations and interactive data stories, users can access the right insights at the right time. ADvantage Analytics aims to reduce the lead time for generating insights while ensuring solution agility and lower cost of ownership. By harnessing the capabilities of Azure data services and HCLTech ADvantage Analytics, we strive to equip enterprises with the tools they need to drive significant change and success in their industries
Use Cases
  • Current dashboards and reports do not provide the answers to all business queries & Insights is scattered into plethora of Reports.
  • When specific information needs to break down the walls between siloed applications through out the enterprise.
  • Apps for providing Insights that can be used irrespective of the platforms and current legacy tools are not scalable to meet business requirements.
  • Difficult to connect the dots – what happened, why it as happened, what may happen and what should I do?

Key Benefits

  • Leverage existing investments and analytics tools.
  • Increase speed of delivering insights using pre-built automation components enable increased speed of delivering Insights
  • Quality & Cost Effectiveness. Delivery certainty leveraging extensive experiences in building Analytics platforms
  • Customization & Reusability. Leverage customized solution specifically to address your business needs - conceptualization with our reusable solutions to achieve scalability, agile development, and lower TCO
Technologies Supported

Technologies including:

  • Power BI
  • Azure DB
  • Azure ML
  • Azure Bot
  • Synapse Analytics
  • Tableau

*Illustrative list only

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