Infinite BrassRing for recruitment and talent lifecycle managment

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World-class Applicant Tracking System & Onboarding Solutions to engage, land, and retain top talent

Infinite Talent BrassRing is a comprehensive recruitment management system that supports your entire recruiting process and life cycle, helping companies automate, track, and improve their hiring management process for leading organizations. With BrassRing, companies can:

Key Benefits:
  • Eliminate manual intervention.
  • Accelerate the hiring process.
  • Effectively identify the best talent for their organization via increased recruiter efficiencies and thoroughly pre-screened candidate pools.
  • Seamless on-boarding: excptional experience for new hires
  • Attract top talent: reach team members aligned with your brand
  • Enhance teamwork with all stakeholders: improve collaboration and productiviey with our user friendly platform
  • Ease of Use - more than 90% of hiring managers indicate they can utilize the systems without training

Customer Perspective: Leading organizations across the globe depend on BrassRing. Our on-demand solutions helps organization source, engage, recruit, select, hire, onboard, and retain top talent globally.
"The BrassRing ATS has really helped streamline our global Talent Acquisition processes over the past several years… BrassRing is also unique in that they don’t just sell you a ‘system,’ they partner with you all through the process – year one and beyond. The technical support is amazing.
Doug Fauth from MicroVention, A TERUMO Group company

Key Features: BrassRing enables our customers to recruit, select, hire, onboard and retain top talent as well as standardize processes on a single, global platform that is designed to be configured to meet your specific needs.
  • Online requisition building, cloning, approval, and posting
  • Advanced and easy to use Automation Manager
  • Our patented eLink™ functionality to facilitate communication and hiring activities within and outside the hiring team
  • Talent records to maintain all candidate data in a central location
  • Sophisticated search capabilities, and much more
  • Workbench administration tool enables customers to configure the application as necessary.
  • BrassRing’s Interview Scheduling module seamlessly integrates with MS Outlook and MS Teams.

  • CRM integration

  • Mobile and desktop

BrassRing is highly configurable, with open integration capabilities, making it compatible with the widest selection of vendor systems and over 100 partners - manage recruitment process to meet your unique business needs.
  • Extensive flexibility to meet the needs of even the most complex or differentiated organizations with multiple divisions.
  • User-configured dashboards to flexible processes, communications, workflow automation, application questions, assessments, career sites, and data control

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