AIM@CES-Customer Engagement

Integral Solutions (Asia) Pte Ltd

Provide tasks schedule to remind customer and staff to complete necessary submission for compliances

Smart Workflow with AI

Use Predictive data analytics to improve your business

  • Digital transformation enable customers to order and pay themselves
  • Use smart workflow to automate fulfilment processes
  • Increase profitability and customer retention by improving insights and creating automated workflows that enhance decision making.

At ISL, we bring 25 years of data mining experience to corporate and accounting services. Smart insights and workflow helps you reduce time needed for ordering, payment and delivery of documents.

  • Understand your customers’ behaviour through machine learning technology to improve productivity and profitability.
  • Engage customers anytime, anywhere through their smart phones.
  • Reduce time and resources required to collect documents and speed up preparation of deliverables via a documents upload feature.
  • Allow ordering through mobile commerce & e commerce using mobile payment
  • Automate fulfilment processes
  • Automate alert to both your customer and staff to fulfil deliverables on time
  • Target marketing using our email campaign module

Smart workflow to increase productivity

  • Timely reminder to customer to submit relevant document and information
  • Timely reminder to staff to fulfil order

Improves satisfaction by 30%

New sales channel

  • Using mobile & website to reach out to new customer segments
  • Accept order without order takers
  • Accept payment without manual invoicing

Improves productivity by 30%

Activate repeat customers

  • Using artificial intelligence to predict customer life time value
  • Improve cross selling revenue
  • Improve profitability of loyalty programs

Improves profitability by 20%

Digital transformation of your ordering, payment, fulfilment and analytical processes

  • Mobile eCommerce ordering
  • Order fulfilment
  • User friendly and customisable dashboards enable Management to easily monitor the business
  • One Click Interactive Segment Chart for Sales Marketing team to identify sales opportunities across customer segments, identify target markets, and carry out effective promotions
  • Discover life time value segments, cross selling opportunities, predict of customer purchase patterns, manage customer loyalty programmes using our unique Artificial Intelligence engine
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