Power BI for Exact Online

por Invantive B.V.

Fastest way to create Power BI dashboards on Exact Online and over 70 other data sources.

Power BI connector for Exact Online

The Invantive Power BI connector for Exact Online is the most comprehensive connector available online. The data of all Exact Online APIs (an "API" is an interface) is easily available for use in Power BI, Power Query, Azure Data Factory or SQL. You only use the standard Microsoft OData connector included with Power BI. The OData connector is available for Power BI Desktop, Power BI web, Power Query and Azure Data Factory. Invantive SQL provides an automatic translation between OData and Exact Online. Numerous optimizations ensure smooth performance. Thanks to the absence of local drivers you can also use the Exact Online Power BI connector on a Mac.

Flexible from the start, without technical knowledge

You combine data from Exact Online with ease in Power BI with the more than 70 other platforms that Invantive supports. All Invantive products are flexible and easily grow from start-up to billion dollar company. Only the Invantive connector for Power BI makes all APIs available. You do not need any technical knowledge of Exact Online for the connection; with only knowledge of Power BI you can process the data from Exact Online into KPIs within a few minutes. With all subscriptions you will receive one hour of free explanation by an experienced trainer based on your data and on your PC. Don't have the time to put together your own KPIs or do you want help in setting up your processes or administrations? The Power BI connector for Exact Online of Invantive is supported by Invantive as well as multiple implementation partners with experience about the BI connector and business operations. Within an extensive online community you have easy access to the collected knowledge about Power BI and Exact Online.

Grow with the Invantive Power BI connector

The use of Invantive is an investment in the future with which you can play it safe. If you choose an additional software package, you will find a connector first at Invantive. Most users of Invantive software have multiple companies and administrations. With entrepreneurs there are a maximum of a few hundred, but our top-30 accountancy customers often have thousands. The proprietary SQL software in Invantive's Power BI connector is unique because data from the available administrations is processed simultaneously in the quickest possible way. This is very easy without extra work per administration.

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