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Fantasy Sports Gaming, a Fan Engagement tool for fans to compete through real-time match statistics

Every sporting competition is asking how to broaden its appeal and attract a wider, younger range of fans. To capitalise on new fan behaviours and increased commercial interest in sport, there is a need to make competitions more discoverable online and to create digital experiences that resonate as strongly as the real-world action. There is one solution already delivering these benefits: Fantasy Gaming.

Fantasy adds a new dimension to your competition, combining gaming and real-world environments in a compelling way that engages both fans and sponsors. It encourages fans to care more, engage more, invest more of their emotions, and more deeply, too.

Through LaLiga Tech, we offer both product set-up and commercial set-up. We will show you how you can generate data streams that help you know your fans in greater depth. We will also help to identify commercial partners who will be interested in joining your new game, using your new data insights to engage with fans on a deeper level.

The results we’ve seen in recent years make clear that with the right strategy, Fantasy can be far more than a new game: it is an engine for significant year-on-year commercial growth.

LaLiga Tech’s Fantasy Gaming platform has operated successfully for many years and has become a growth platform for international competitions. Originally launched as part of LaLiga, one of the world’s leading sporting brands, the platform is now available globally in multiple languages.

Perhaps the most essential new dimension Fantasy Gaming offers is the new digital environment it opens to

sponsors and associated brands. Commercial partners receive new spaces for ad placement, along with the capability to launch new data-driven campaigns that directly generate revenues and brand association. It also provides a growing range of monetizable services, such as in-game purchases, special transfer opportu-nities, new forms of marketing: imagination is the only limit.

Fantasy Gaming can be structured to suit your competition’s needs and objectives, with season-long competitions, private leagues and one-off games designed to create year-round engagement.

Notifications can be configured to suit each participant, enabling them to track events between matches, note when significant activity takes place (transfers of your selected players, or when one of them becomes available…), together with constant news updates, backed by the supporting information that matters most to the gamers. This means the Fantasy platform acts as a second screen for gamers as they track real-world action against their own leagues.

Forums for discussion, during the action and afterwards, are accessed easily so that gamers can talk, analyse, argue, review, check the action again in their own time. This combination of functions and activities means Fantasy gamers can now multiply the excitement they receive from your competition-while you multiply your revenue options.

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