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Liquit Digital Workspace


Liquit Digital Workspace

The Workspace will be the first thing an end user will see and interact with, so it needs to be simple to use, and clean and crisp in appearance. It also needs to have that familiar look and feel, using icons and menu options that are instantly recognizable, regardless of the device the end user happens to be using at the time.

Liquit Workspace provides end users with a clean and simple view of all their applications. Application icons are displayed via a customizable web portal that allows a user to create their own look and feel, as well as removing the complexity around the delivery method of the application.
Digital Workspace
Over the past decade the corporate end user experience has suffered from a lack of progress and innovation, and has not really kept pace with the experience that is now expected from a consumers point of view.
Outside of the corporate environment end users have adopted their own way of working to suit their own personal requirements, from working remotely, to using different type of device such as Smart phones and tablets. Why do they do this? The answer is simple. They do it due to the additional functionality and content that they now have at their fingertips. If it is not available instantly (installed or available in an AppStore), then they will move on and find something else.
The lines are now being blurred between an end user in the corporate world, and a consumer in the private world, where corporate organizations are coming under more and more pressure to adopt a more consumer-like experience.
With the Liquit Digital Workspace, consumer experience meets corporate management, and delivers the best of both worlds.
The Liquit Digital Workspace delivers a single login to a web-based portal connecting them to their public, personal, and private environments. Functionality, content, and resources are all delivered intelligently, and launched with a simple click on the relevant Smart Icon. If there is an application that they require that is not already part of their workspace then they can simply scroll through the Service Catalog (App Store) and request access.