MapmyIndia Mappls API Suite

por C.E. Info Systems Ltd. (MapmyIndia)

India's best digital maps & global geospatial data powering wide catalogue of APIs & SDKs

MapmyIndia Mappls offer a large catalogue of developer APIs and SDKs - covering mapping, location-based services, navigation & traffic, route optimisation, workforce management, geospatial analytics, fleet management, logistics, workflow engines, dynamic dashboarding, enterprise digital transformation, automotive technologies, and digital governance tools - to help developers and organisations integrate the features, functionalities and capabilities of all our map, geospatial and IoT products and platforms into their own web and mobile applications, which could be for their consumer-facing apps, built-in to their vehicles and IoT devices, or for their internal enterprise digital systems.

  • Our wide range of map APIs and SDKs allow users to develop and create an interactive mapping experience for indoor and outdoor environments by integrating up-to-date location data and pan-India map coverage into their apps and websites.
  • Map and traffic data - detailed and interactive maps with 2D/ 3D viewing options and near real-time traffic flow details.
  • Search function – relevant and accurate search results for an address, locations or a pair of geo-coordinates. o Routes and navigation – turn-by-turn directions with alternative driving routes between specified locations and traffic data.
  • Geo-analytics – enabling query-based geo-visualisations for spatial analytics.
  • Mobility and tracking – enabling integration of near real-time location tracking.
  • Some of the key use-cases for our APIs include logistics platforms, navigation solutions, data visualisation for business analytics and tracking and management of assets and individuals on a near real-time basis.

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