LTI Enterprise Privacy Rights Management Solution


Privacy Rights Management

Enable your consumer Privacy Rights Management process with a one-stop fully automated and Straight Through Processing (STP) solution, covering consumer consent, verification and acceptance of consumer requests, identification of personal data, rules-based anonymization / deletion of customer personal data in impacted applications and request responses to consumers.


LTI EPRMS solution enables you to  –


•      Customize data request intake forms across different regulations and regions

•      Publish forms across websites and mobile apps

•      Verify and validate customer identity

•      Managed requests through centralized management portal

•      Automate workflows for request assignment

•      Request tracking and alerts for regulatory compliance

•      Configure dynamic rule engine for automation with different systems

•      Manage privacy operations using interactive dashboards


Managing consumer requests from multiple line of businesses and fulfilling them under regulatory timelines is a challenge for organizations. EPRMS provides a unified platform that can connect with variety of systems to serve as one stop solution covering global privacy regulations to accelerate automation of privacy operations.