NEPA Solution

por Merp Systems Inc

NEPA Compliance, NEPA Governance, NEPA Application, NEPA Process Flow Solution

NEPA applies to all federal agencies and their actions. This system is designed to support the actions that include regulations, policies, projects, licensing, and permitting. The solution is targeting to achieve a consistent standard for documenting the decision making process, considering environmental effects on a project or inclusion of the public in the process prior to the approval across all agencies.
Our solution automates the process for government to validate requests from different agencies, collect the information, perform the legal review, and process approval.
  • It supports automated workflows to streamline business processes.
  • Features include automated request assignment, task scheduling and reminders.
  • Simplified uploads of documents, photos, and videos directly to the document management system such as SharePoint.
  • It also provides annual, quarterly, monthly reporting, audit, and records management.

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