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Simple, affordable and compliant way to launch high quality mobile services

Elevate your stakeholder collaboration with the transformative power of the mobile. With Mesensei mobile you can engage with your community directly in your space without distractions.

Use Mesensei Mobile to build a powerful app complete with social media features, such as user profiles, chat messaging and discussion groups and push notifications. Support digital and physical connectivity in events, seminars and workshops from session sign ups to networking before, during and after the event. Build customised features and implement digitalisation of processes and assets from paper brochure publications to membership cards. Extend the functionalities with integration to CRM, Data Analytics and Conversational AI.

Key benefits of choosing Mesensei Mobile is the comprehensive

Mesensei Mobile is an ideal solution for any organisation with a need to engage a network of stakeholders who need a common platform. Mesensei Mobile is used by Education institutions, Municipalities, Corporates and SME's to build their own mobile applications for their own brand. Mesensei IT and hosting architecture ensures GDPR and data protection compliance and ensures the customer is in full control of the content IPR and privacy.

Examples of solutions powered by Mesensei Mobile
- Networked learning environment to support innovation & entrepreneurship
- Community platform for municipal day care center
- Freelancer training, support and sourcing network

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