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Real time insights into sales & distribution through 360 deg supply chain solutions.

Achieve your organizational goals with real-time data and insights powered by our suite of cloud-based retail supply-chain solutions. With its powerful real-time analytics based on order behaviour from over 5mn retail outlets, Bizom is your perfect tool for improving the efficiency of sales, distribution, strategy, HR & branding.

Our Solutions


Sales Force Automation/Retail Execution

Boost productivity amongst your sales force by over 70% through real-time suggested orders. Get complete visibility on sales force productivity, orders, sales, returns, product performance. Configure real-time insights & intelligent alerts.


Distributor Management

Drive channel performance through our rural-friendly, mobile-first distributor management solution.


Image Recognition Based Merchandising

Measure brand visibility, facings & stock in store with our patent-pending image recognition technology, 35 hawk. Ensure right stocking & in-store compliance.


Retailer App

Enable 'direct brand to retail' reach. Engage with retailers for commerce & direct communication like schemes, new product launches etc.


ML/AI Powered Analytics

Our powerful machine learning algorithms harness data from 5Mn outlets to provide ‘suggested orders’ to sales reps & key insights for management.


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