The Cooperative End to End Supply Chain Management Platform for your Company.

ComplEtE is a cloud based solution that, supported by Artificial Intelligence algorithms, replicates the entire value chain, guaranteeing performance and reducing the overall lead time. Through the services integrated together in a single platform, but usable individually according to the customer's needs, the problems of Network Design, Demand & Inventory Management, Strategic & Tactical Planning, Production Scheduling, MES and Supplier Collaboration are addressed.

ComplEtE is able to manage the entire Supply Chain Network complexity thanks to a modular approach integrated by a common transparent cooperative platform.

The solution supports supply chain managers in all sectors such as textiles, clothing, footwear and accessories, furniture and design, fresh food, cold food, FMCG (consumer goods), beverage, paper/cardboard, pharmaceutical and cosmetics, mechanical/automotive, spare parts, tyres, high-tech electronics, household appliances, small parts and tools, dangerous goods and chemicals, promotional materials.

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