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IsCapex - end-to-end transformation management software

Identify, with greater certainty, which ideas will deliver optimum ROI; know which projects to start and which to refuse based on available resources and strategy.

With isCapex you benefit from:

  • Rapid identification – of project proposals that best align to your corporate strategy via automated selection and collection. Compared to manual methods which could take weeks or months to process a large number of proposals from various locations and countries, isCapex allows you to process, categorize and view the status of each proposal in a significantly reduced amount of time.
  • Information transparency - all stages of the project proposal lifecycle can be visualized and traced to meet compliance requirements.
  • Seamless Integration – to Microsoft PPM enables you to automatically create projects that have been approved, start your project quickly and boost productivity. Plus, access information from anywhere, at anytime and on any device, allowing the entire team to collaborate in the drafting of proposal budgets. 
  • Clarity of vision - so that teams are able to collaborate effectively, share ideas, help each other develop the best business cases, and take action aligned with corporate strategy. The ability to share and ‘add to’ existing ideas ensures your organization gets the best ideas, and projects that teams are excited to implement.

Key Features of isCapex are:

  • Capture Ideas – register, update and view ideas, project proposals and requests for investment.
  • Technical/Financial Evaluation - ideas are evaluated and scored according to technical and financial criteria, aligned with corporate strategy.
  • Prioritization and Selection - prioritization of ideas based on portfolio selection criteria.
  • Simulation and Scenario Comparisons - enables simulation and comparison of potential portfolio scenarios.
  • Seamless Integration with Microsoft PPM - automatic creation of approved portfolio projects in Microsoft PPM

Reports and Dashboards – ability to analyze information and take action based on the data and insights provided.