LOKASI Intelligence

por PT Bhumi Varta Technology

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Helps business to achieve continuous growth with geospatial technology & data Analytics

LOKASI Intelligence is a powerful platform that utilizes geospatial big data & analytics, machine learning, and location intelligence to derive business insights to visualize, analyze​, and optimize business operations.

The platform is designed to assist businesses in reducing operational costs and finding the unbeatable location to open a new store or branch, taking into account a range of factors such as customer demographics, foot traffic, and local competition.

It also provides helpful services for businesses such as territory planning and optimization, which can help maximize sales potential in all regions of operation. Additionally, businesses can take advantage of asset management services to keep track of inventory, equipment, and assets. Transform insights into action with LOKASI Intelligence.

Do you currently experience this issue?

  • Disintegrated & disorganized data ​

  • Lack of Digital Transformation

  • Difficulties in market expansion and finding the target market​

  • Competitive market​

LOKASI Intelligence is here to support you

  • Easily manage and analyze geospatial data

  • Evaluating business performance based on location​

  • Effortless process optimization​

  • Data visualization made simple​

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