One Identity Active Roles

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Active Roles increases security of AD and AAD through workflow automation

Microsoft® Active Directory® (AD) and Azure Active Directory (AAD) administrators are responsible for securing critical data, complying with internal policies and external regulations, and ensuring that users and groups have access to exactly the right resources and nothing more.

Administrators struggle to keep up with requests to create, change or remove access to the hybrid AD environment, and they face security issues like terminated employees retaining access to valuable intellectual property, along with long days (and nights) struggling to support business requirements and satisfy auditors’ requests for reports. Add the need to tightly delegate control of Active Directory and Azure Active Directory among various administrative groups and involve key people in IT processes through change approval, and today’s administrators need help!

Thankfully, help has arrived. With One Identity Active Roles, you can solve your security issues and meet those never-ending compliance requirements by securing and protecting Active Directory and Azure Active Directory simply and efficiently. Active Roles delivers automated tools for user and group account management that augment the native tools in Active Directory and Azure Active Directory, so you can do your job faster. Active Roles is designed with a modular architecture, so your organization can easily meet your business requirements today and in the future.

Key capabilities include:

  •  A automated tool for account, user, and group administration across the hybrid AD environment
  •  Secure and controlled administrative access
  •  AD and ADD management
  •  Extensibility

Active Roles comes with all the synchronization technology necessary to manage and secure:

  •  Lync/Skype for Business
  •  Exchange • SharePoint
  •  AD LDS • Office 365
  •  Azure AD
  •  Microsoft SQL Server
  •  OLE DB (MS Access)
  •  Flat file And can easily be extended to Unix/Linux/Mac or popular cloud applications through the extended One Identity product set.

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