Roboverse Reply Platform ready for Azure private MEC

por Reply AG

Teleoperate your Fleet of Robots using Public or Private Cloud directly from the Browser

The platform for real-time Teleoperation with data collection and various interfaces (incl. VR) for mobile robots like Spot from Boston Dynamics. Azure private MEC opens new possibilities for low-latency and faster creation of digital twins.

Roboverse Reply specializes in the integration scenarios around Robotics and Reality Capture with Extended Reality, where Cloud or On-Premises Infrastructures require Enterprise-Ready solutions. The solution includes AI Skills with sensor-based anomaly detection, Fleet Management for Internet of Robotic Things, Digital Twins and Business Logic to deliver end-to-end support for the Customers.

The Roboverse Platform enables Autonomous Preventive Inspection to prolong the lifespan of your infrastructures and Interactive Telepresence, crucial for Safety and Security purposes.

Our services have already proven successful in a variety of industries, including energy, public safety, pharma, oil & gas, public infrastructure and automotive. By using mobile robots to execute repetitive missions, we help customers reduce downtimes and gather more accurate data to support predictive maintenance, ultimately saving time and money. The VR interface enhance the user experience and Azure private MEC delivers the necessary reduced latency.

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