Power Analytics

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Analytical application for corporate governance

This application is available only in Russian language

Power Analytics is an online app for managers in medium and large business who plan to implement a KPI based BI system. It provides insights and interactive dashboards based on corporate KPIs.
Customers can present different types of metrics and non-additive key performance indicators (KPIs), such as financial, operational, and customer-focused measures. And use existing data models with minimal transformation. Or build new ones. Flexible and Customizable.
We identify which indicators customers need to see the full picture of their business, prepare tables for future data, set up formulas and filters. As a result, customer is able to see real data. Compare it to previous periods and make faster decisions based on facts.
This includes data collection, storage and visualization of metrics on any device. The system gets data from customer sources and uses internal logic to provide users with KPIs they need.
Due to Azure Platform the app can suite the needs of companies of any size and structure. It is elastic, secure and reliable.

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