Emigo Integra

por Sagra Technology

Integra provides information on stock availability, significantly reduces order processing time.

Integra is the part of the Emigo system that is responsible for forwarding orders placed via the Emigo Mobile Terminal to the sales systems of distributors. This process is fully automated.

Integra provides information on stock availability, helps to choose the optimal supplier or reserve products, confirms the completion of each order item and speeds up delivery – all in real time.

Integra combines most distributor systems from various branches in one network. It is a perfect via-point for your orders that transfers them directly to selected suppliers.

Detailed order status enables you to monitor your order item by item as soon as the order is placed. This is how you know why your order has not been partially or fully completed. Order confirmations are sent to distributors automatically.

As Integra provides the stock quantities of every distributor’s subsidiaries, you can select a suitable distributor for each order item. This speeds up delivery. You can preview stock quantities in the form of reports. Daily updates on out of stock items and the stock quantities of each distribution branch help you to effectively perform stock management for individual distributors.

By comparing stock quantities against upcoming demand (i.e. representatives’ orders) and turnover, you will be able to forecast the required stock quantity per each day. As a result, orders will be completed quickly and seamlessly.

What is the business need/challenge?
Order delivery is one of the most significant factors in the sales process. Bearing this in mind, we created the Integra system in 2006. It helps companies to increase their sales by integrating manufacturers with distributors.

The Integra system significantly reduces order processing time. Error elimination results in a higher number of orders and lower operational costs. What are the benefits/outcomes?
    • Improved level of order completion
    • Fewer errors related to order processing<
    • Decreased order adjustments and complaints
    • More efficient settlement process
    • Increased productivity
    • Shorter order completion time
    • Enhanced customer service
    • Lower logistics and production costs thanks to effective delivery planning
    • Quick increase in sales thanks to access to stock availability data and elimination of OOS
    • Information on product availability provided when placing an order allows for faster purchase decisions
    • Reliable and automated settlements with representatives
    • Faster delivery
    • Optimization of the process of putting orders together at the warehouse
    • Lower order processing costs

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