SAS® for Risk Modeling and Decisioning

por SAS Institute Inc.

A trusted solution for managing risk models and decision strategies

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SAS is the leader in analytics and artificial intelligence, and a powerhouse for organizations seeking immediate value from data. Commercially active since 1976, we’re the founder, and future, of analytics.

With over 3,500 financial services customers worldwide, including 90% of the top 100 global banks, SAS knows what it takes for firms to maximize their data for decision-making purposes. Our analytical capabilities span customer intelligence, fraud & security intelligence, and risk management. 

SAS is continuously innovating to improve banks’ risk management capabilities. Our solutions help firms balance short- and long-term strategies, improve performance, and build a risk-aware culture throughout the enterprise. We help firms with regulatory risk management, capital planning, risk governance and credit risk management. SAS sees strong demand from banks across the world seeking to improve risk modeling.  

SAS® for Risk Modeling and Decisioning gives banks the ability to develop and manage risk models and decision strategies in a repeatable, auditable, transparent way. The data management and model development, deployment, and monitoring capabilities of SAS Risk Modeling, combined with the intuitive decision-process design and rule-set management capabilities of SAS® Intelligent Decisioning, ensures institutions can easily and quickly adapt to changing market conditions and consistently make the correct risk-related decisions for the benefit of both the bank and its customers.  

Banks can benefit from efficient decision-making at a lower cost; enhancing productivity and collaboration; faster data preparation; solving complex problems faster; increasing revenues through the monetization of data; and accelerating model development.

SAS for Risk Modeling and Decisioning improves risk-related decision-making while simultaneously capitalizing on the lower cost, increased flexibility, and faster data analysis gained by using the SAS solution on the Microsoft Azure cloud. By combining a solution which supports the full analytics life cycle with unlimited elastic cloud resources, banks benefit from strengthened risk management and compliance with regulations. Automating key risk modeling and decisioning tasks allows firms to build better models faster. Adding this capability to the Microsoft Azure cloud enables the effective management of risk bursting in response to unexpected market events, ensuring the bank remains resilient in the toughest conditions.

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