ShareDo - Case Management SaaS Platform

por Sharedo

Case management SaaS platform allowing you to define, configure and operate your processes

Sharedo is an adaptive case and matter management platform. Built using the best technology stack to solve today’s business problems, sharedo improves an organisation’s productivity and efficiency to help drive successful client outcomes.

With teams spread across the world and complex processes being carried out on a daily basis, organisations need smart tools and business processes to manage tasks on time, help teams collaborate, identify efficiency improvements, build closer client relationships and gain data driven insights.

With sharedo, your organisation can manage complex processes to deliver profitable and outstanding services that delight clients.

ShareDo has solution accelerators for process excellence in the following industries:

  • Legal - ShareDo provides out of the box support for all legal workflows and practice groups across E&W, Australia and more
  • Insurance Claims Processing and TPA - ShareDo provides dedicated processing support for Insurance Lines such as Motor and Casualty and has extensive Claims eco-system integrations

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