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Capture your Know Hows : AI powered Knowledge Management and intuitive information access.

20% of time at work is spent looking for information, all activity sectors concerned. Now, It's time for sharing information efficiently.
Integrated with you softwares and tools (O365, Sharepoint, Teams, CRM, ERP...), Skillbase will save time (2h/week/collaborator) and increase your productivity.

It will also free the energy of your talents and experts by providing them a saving time process : they share their knowledge and know-how once, and once for all.

Skillbase Knowledge base Capabilities

  • Meta-Search Tool : One search bar to search them all. Connect all your sharepoints, Shared spaces, intranet repository : they are all accessible through Skillbase. (all access right rights and process to documents stay the same)
  • Once and once only sharing : when you share a content (text, files, photos, videos) it will always be accessible to your colleagues.
  • social power : if you can't find an information in your search bar, ask for it ! your search is sent to experts or communities.
  • Dynamic Capture : an answer to an Ask for it is not just for the asker : it will be accessible to anyone. Thus we make sharing more efficient for both learners and knowers.
  • Validation Workflows and Access Restriction : Some informations can be sensitive. In Skillbase you can filter who will be allowed to view the intelligence you share. You can also set up some validations process that will ensure fields as security or strategy are reviewed before being accessible to all of your company.
  • Enriched Directory : sometimes what you need is not a content. It is to speak with someone to get explanations, to detail your customer issue and ensure your answering well... In Skillbase, we provide you with a enriched directory of your company. Select the competencies you have to talk about, and obtain the few people that are able through a call, a cafe or a meeting, to bring to the next level !

Proven Skillbase Benefits :
- 60% decrease in information search time
- 90% decreased emails in process and validations areas
- 65%+ collaborators log in each week to share, access the knowledge or see the latests know how.

Skillbase is today used by more than 80 000 final users.
We serve industries as Finance&Insurance, Services, Hotel& Travel, Public Sector, Health and Medication, Manufacturing.

Skillbase is fully RGPD compliant. Reversibily is a real engagement for us : giving your datas back if what to change is free of charge, and will be done in 15 days max through a pivot format (json mainly)

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