IFS Ultimo EAM & Dynamics 365 integration

por Ultimo Software Solutions b.v.

Link Dynamics 365 with IFS Ultimo EAM to maximise operational efficiency and asset productivity

Live-link Microsoft Dynamics365 Supply Chain Management with IFS Ultimo EAM

By linking Microsoft Dynamics 365 with IFS Ultimo EAM, you integrate the best of two worlds on the powerful Azure Cloud. Leading Enterprise Resource Planning and Enterprise Asset Management software that share data to improve and smoothen processes and communication throughout your organisation. Increase the quality of data and at the same time reduce unnecessary actions.

Our focus is to ensure that the assets are available within your organization and that your technical staff can act quickly if something breaks or needs to be maintained. Optimize planning, inventory, warehouse, and transportation play a crucial role here. And that is why we connect IFS Ultimo with Microsoft Dynamics. Use the data that you have, for robust, real-time reporting and analytics.

Your benefits:

  • IFS Ultimo EAM and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management streamline your procurement processes. Ensuring that data within your ordering process runs quickly, smoothly and without additional administrative work. This allows the maintenance specialist to work in his own IFS Ultimo portal. No more switching between different systems and screens.
  • IFS Ultimo's EAM software maximises Asset Uptime and Longevity. Reduce machine downtime, effectively manage geographically dispersed assets and OEE (Overal Equipment Efficiency). Get the most out of your assets by proactively managing business-critical equipment by performing all types of maintenance.

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