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Valocity digitises and streamlines the entire property valuation process for a faster path to yes.

Every bank in the world must validate a property before it can say yes to granting a mortgage. Valocity connects the entire ecosystem of lenders, brokers, valuers and their customers in One Smart Platform to digitise and streamline the property valuation process for a faster path to yes.

Valocity’s modular and customisable digital platform integrates seamlessly with legacy systems and applies bank-grade security protocols. Valocity is accessed through browser-based and mobile applications, leveraging APIs and microservices to deliver seamless digital experiences, customer insights and property reports. 

Valocity helps lenders and valuers innovate through technology and data:
  • Digitisation of the property valuation process will not only promote efficiency; it will also help in standardisation of reports and benchmarking of data. 
  • Valocity has digitised lenders valuation requirements ensuring all valuations meet common standards in quality and performance, adhering to regulatory compliance now and in the future. 
  • Valocity's online, browser-based system helps valuers receive valuation orders direct from lenders, complete the property valuation and securely return the valuation report back to the lender, reducing fraud and collusion.  
  • Using random allocation rules, Valuers have the opportunity to get more jobs in the locations they specialise in. By digitally onboarding valuers, and actioning real-time scoring and benchmarking of outcomes with SLA’s, Valocity enables lenders and valuers to have a seamless digital experience while constantly tracking quality. 
  • Best practice demands that valuers and their firms use a secure platform to protect private data. Valocity understands that valuers cannot be expected to continually invest in the fast-changing landscape of data and technology. Valocity provides an industry-leading platform that both captures all data and securely stores it with bank-grade protocols in place. 

Valocity’s bank-grade technology was built in collaboration with valuers and lenders to solve a global problem better than ever before. Valocity is proud to be recognised and awarded internationally for our innovative, globally scalable Platform. Valocity won Fintech Start-Up of the Year at the India Fintech awards in 2019 and was a top 10 finalist in the 2018 Global Fintech awards at the Singapore Fintech Festival.
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