ZEDEDA Edge Orchestration for Azure IoT


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Edge orchestration of the Azure IoT runtime and modules on distributed edge devices.

74% of IoT deployments slow down or stall completely as users grapple with the complexity of provisioning and managing their edge hardware at scale. The integration of ZEDEDA’s cloud-based orchestration solution with Azure IoT makes it possible to simplify Azure IoT Edge projects deployment and scale quickly across thousands of nodes. Benefits include:

  • One-click Azure IoT Edge enablement: Fully automated, customizable one-click Azure IoT Edge runtime deployment with Azure DPS integration eliminates the manual per device configuration in the deployment of Azure IoT services.
  • Azure IoT Hub connectivity: Collect data from various endpoints and transmit to Azure IoT Hub for analytics, etc.
  • 100% visibility and control: Deploy, monitor and manage all devices from a single dashboard. Upgrade the base OS individually or in bulk. Troubleshoot a device from any web browser via remote console access.
  • Full lifecycle management: Orchestration of Azure IoT Edge nodes at scale. Includes monitoring the status of both the hardware and installed Azure IoT modules and remotely updating the base OS, Azure IoT Edge runtime, and Azure IoT modules - all in coordination with Azure IoT Hub. 
  • Enhanced security designed for the edge: Zero-trust model ensures device integrity in remote environments where potentially hardware, software, and individuals cannot be verified. Comprehensive security capabilities provide the same level of control and scrutiny expected in the datacenter. 
  • Future-proofFlexible and scalable solution with an open architecture makes it possible to easily add functionality, devices, and control to the network.

ZEDEDA Advantage

  • Zero Limits: Use any hardware, app or cloud - no vendor lock-in. Onboard and manage any number of nodes, consolidate workloads and bulk deploy/update apps remotely.
  • Zero Touch: Dropship and instantly provision hardware remotely at scale, with all OS and system software automatically downloaded from the cloud leveraging an eventual consistency model. 
  • Zero Trust Security: Eliminate hardware spoofing, detect anomalies, and ensure device integrity with hardware root of trust (e.g. TPM). Govern data flow across apps and nodes with a distributed firewall. Meet regulatory requirements, reduce data breaches and stop leakage with RBAC, cloud security & centralized management.

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