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Zentity Push Server


Mobile application messaging platform

Zentity Push Server – road to mobile communication Zentity Push Server is platform for effective communication to mobile application users. Push server utilises cloud messaging infrastructure (Android, iOS, Windows Phone) to reliably deliver rich messages to mobile devices. From simple text notifications to complex deep links into your mobile application - all messages can be processed and delivered in a secure way. Message tracking database included in Push Server follows every processed message – when the message was received, sent, delivered or read by the recipient – and provides interface for customer care and reporting. The Push Server further supports message scheduling and per-user communication windows to send messages only within business hours. User/Recipient management Push Server module stores information on connected applications and supports single-user/multiple-devices scenarios – a single message sent to a specific user can be multiplied and delivered to every device recipient uses. The embedded user management also supports recipient audiences allowing addressing single message to multiple users.