Elite Property Management

de Al-Raneem IT Co.

Land management, property management, Elite, Real Estate, Rent

Elite Property Management is a specialized functionality fully integrated with Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Dynamics AX. The functionality its unified with Dynamics' financial dimensions, A/R, A/P, Fixed Assets and Service Management.
Elite's main goal is to supervise and manage land and building investments for clients and tenants.
  • Contains a full information about the land or workshop at any time, one place
  • Increasing the Profitability and ROI (Return on Investment) by:
  • giving the information required to move and rent the non-rented properties, and utilize the investment
  • Provide the functionality of renting or re-renting from others where you can increase revenue by less required investment.
  • Track property cost using an advanced facility management system, and make sure to cut cost by activating preventive maintenance
  • Know your profit per property exactly using responsibility centers costing, and re venue tracking
  • Tracking any needed information about land and workshop.
  • Saving money, by saving Time.
  • It offer the best and easiest way to manage your Properties.
  • Keep you updated , all information about land or workshop will be updated.
  • Marketing your Properties by showing the availability of renting.
  • Improve the business internal process and increase productivity
  • Work with Hijry calendar using specific calendar.

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