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Clone or Copy records in Dynamics 365 CRM / Field Service / Power Apps in single click!

Duplicating of record is one of those nifty features that doesn’t exist in Microsoft Dynamics 365 CE/ Power Apps out-of-box. Using Zap Copy Record App you can Copy, Clone or Duplicate record in single click!


  • Easy configuration – Very simple configuration section with ability to install sample data to get started fast!
  • Ability to copy related records (1..N, N..N) (eg Quote along with Quote products or Account along with notes)
  • Bulk copy records (copying multiple records) in 1-Click!
  • Bulk copy single record. (e.g. Creating multiple copies of a record)
  • Schedule a COPY/CLONE (recurrence pattern: daily / weekly / monthly)
  • Copy child records (up to N levels)
  • Copy record from one entity to another (e.g. creating Opportunity record from Case)
  • Ability to set default field values for newly created record
  • Option to exclude certain fields from getting copied
  • Configure the prefix for the copied record
  • Schedule a COPY/CLONE (recurrence pattern: daily / weekly / monthly) ** New Feature (Released Nov 23)
  • Advanced CLONING functionality for Field Service – Work Orders ** New Feature (Released Dec 23)
  • Ability to Copy Record even using Power Automate Flow / Workflow

  • Supports system as well as Custom entities
  • Fully configurable – Copy button will automatically show up in the entity form ribbon based on configuration and security role (no need for any manual customization's to add form button!)

Please ensure that you provide Zap_CR_User Security Role to users who need this functionality.

Zap Objects now introduces "All-in-One" Annual Subscription plan. The plan covers license for all paid Zap Dynamics 365 CE Apps!

  1. One simple easy to manage subscription
  2. Cost-effective
  3. Highly affordable
Apps included under this plan:
  1. Zap Copy Record
  2. Zap Calendar Pro
  3. Zap Notifications Generator
  4. Zap Helpdesk
  5. Zap Email Parser (Parse Email to Any Record)
  6. Zap Report Scheduler
  7. Zap Email Reader
  8. Zap Attachment Viewer
  9. Zap Audit User Actions
  10. Zap PSA Case Time Entry

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